New Year’s EMF Awareness from SBE

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Our Driveway New Year’s Day

Our year started with a sense of purpose and urgency.
As many of you may recall, here at SBE we are constantly looking for ways to make a difference on the planet, help people find solutions to living more simple lives and utilize resources in a conscious and responsible manner. We also seek to demonstrate our findings and to carry only products that we feel are helpful and fulfill our mission.

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Cell tower Right NEXT DOOR!

For some time (at least since the early ’90s) we have been aware that EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields or Frequencies) can cause a lot of trouble for those with a sensitivity to them. As 2015 came to a close, we were deep into the most RECENT studies we could find and at the same time having a Verizon cell tower being built literally right next door! So this Newsletter continues where Owen Mullen’s letter from last Nov/Dec left off. The photo to the right was taken 1/12/16, you can see why this is so in our FACES. (To Read his letter Click HERE)

Even more disturbing is the fact that children are being literally ‘bombarded’ with EMF exposure for hours at a time during each school day! When you add to that the amount of time spent in front of a television and playing games or texting on their tablet, notebook and smart phones… well you get the picture!
Canada is leading the way on this venture, at least 1 very determined lady is really getting the information out to us! Please take a look at our EMF News page for a more in-depth look at the study Magda Havas (and others) are doing…

picture of students in classroom using computers

EMF Awareness in the Classroom

The more we searched for information about EMF Awareness and what we can do about it, the more we became aware that there are not very many real workable solutions for dealing with EMF hyper-sensitivity. We also became even more appreciative that we have known about and carried two amazing solutions to this problem on our website for over 10 years!

Picture of Concerto EMF Protector

Concerto EMF Protector by Coherent Resources

We have heard real-life stories of people who literally sold everything they had or moved to remote, uninhabited places because that was the only way they believed they could get away from EMFs! If only they knew about these products! People who use the Concerto™ have reported improved productivity, concentration, sound sleep, and an overall sense of harmony and well being. It makes sense that those who suffer from hyper EMF sensitivity often get great relief using the Concerto.

Bruce Tainio, Creator of The Concerto and Symphony

photo of Bruce TainioIn 1985, Bruce Tainio began his own seed company, Tainio Technology. Not content with standard growing practices, he soon developed a line of natural products based on enzymes and beneficial bacteria, to enhance the health of his crops. As a hobby, Bruce was an inventor and a student of energy and quantum physics, which lead him to invent several instruments (The Concerto & Symphony), which minimize environmental stress from electromagnetic frequencies. These instruments are now being used in households, businesses, and on farms and factories around the world.

Picture of Symphony

The Symphony EMF Protector by Coherent Resources

We are pleased and honored to offer The Light Rhythms™ Symphony. This incredible device counteracts the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by power lines, power stations, cellular phone towers and satellite radio protecting plants, animals and people within its’ radius. It works on the principle of the Unified Field Theory to create organization and conformity within a system thereby creating stability and coherence resulting in health and longevity.
For more information about this device and/or to purchase please visit:

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As an extra incentive and to say Thank YOU! we are offering FREE U.S. SHIPPING on the Concerto and Symphony for orders placed between Jan 1st through January 31st 2017!
We’ve included more information on our new EMF Protectors and EMF News pages: (,


WE would like to close this EMF Awareness newsletter with some Positive reminders of ways to limit or avoid the effects of too much EMF exposure.

Here are 7 Basic Precautionary Tips to protect you and others from dangerous wireless technologies:

• Limit your cell phone use to essential calls and keep your calls under 2 min. if possible

•Use speakerphone or an air tube headset. No Bluetooth.

•Keep your phone as far away from your body as you can. Distance is your friend.

•Do not sleep with a cell phone, cordless phone, or baby monitor by your bedside or your child’s bedside.

•Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night. Put it on a timer.

•Choose Ethernet over Wi-Fi if you can, especially in schools.

•Opt out of smart meters.
Share this information with other people, go outside, read a book (a real one) or just get together with friends and family and share a meal or throw an ‘EMF-free’ party; have everyone turn off their phones (and the TV of course!), that would be a change, yes?

From All of us at SBE, we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and beyond!
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