Gold Light Ranch

goldlight-logoThe ranch was conceived in 1993, located in North Idaho on mostly wooded grounds, by Owen and Mary Mullen . Their vision was (and still is) to create opportunities for humans and wild life to co-exist together in ways where alternative aspects of life on EARTH could be explored and demonstrated. GLR has evolved into a research and development (R & D) facility involving organic gardening, farming, alternative energy, water purification, the effects of EMF pollution and the health of trees and plants.

Please read the Newsletters for updates and what we’ve discovered through living and testing out the products and services we offer.  Our intention is to share our knowledge, information and products through the internet and this website. Please feel free to email us if you should have any specific questions.

pinterest1We have a new Pinterest account to show some fascinating ideas; rocket stoves, building generators from many different sources and building off grid. We collected too many to mention, go there and see:


Owen & Mary Mullen and The *Star* Team


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