EMF Protectors

 “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer, The Three Stages of Truth

Perhaps you have noticed more information coming in recently about increased EMF EXPOSURE and how it relates to your health. Cell towers, smart meters, wi-fi virtually everywhere… What can you do to protect yourself and especially your children from EMF exposure and the risks inherent in the world we live in today?

We are delighted to offer two unique products that were designed SPECIFICALLY to protect people, animals and plants from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Introducing The Concerto™ and The Symphony™  (EMF Protectors) Light Rhythms’ Technology by Coherent Resources

How do they work? As waves from electronic devices interact they create interference patterns, like multiple stones dropped into a pond. These devices create a resonance field that organizes the waves at their source. Simply put, the EMF is reduced and your space feels calm, clear, and tranquil, like a peaceful day in a country meadow. In our modern world, we are bombarded by an invisible storm of electronic emissions. Computers, faxes, printers, cell phones, wireless phones and all electrical appliances generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These fields are measurable and more importantly, they can affect the quality of our lives. Imagine flipping a switch to create a clear, tranquil space in your electronic-filled home or office. Concerto owners enjoy this peace everyday and wonder how they ever put up with the pollution of EMF in their space.

People who use the Concerto™ have reported improved productivity, concentration, sound sleep, and an overall sense of harmony and well being.

It has been estimated that levels of environmental electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are two hundred million times higher today than fifty years ago. It is inconceivable that a super-sensitive electrical apparatus like the human body would not experience EMF-related disruption. The Concerto/Symphony negates this interference. It can be life-changing for those sensitive to this disruption.

Several studies have detailed the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. The Concerto™ and the Symphony™, based on advanced, super-conductive technology, utilizes the concept of resonance to introduce integration and coherence to the chaos of EMF pollution. This coherence literally neutralizes the negative effect. Geopathic stress is another largely unrecognized influence in illness and disease. A recently completed Austrian study, involving three hundred practicing physicians and thousands of patients, proved conclusively that geopathic energies do have adverse effects on human health.

 The Concerto™ will cover an area up to 4000 square feet within minutes. Simply plug the unit into an electrical outlet and turn on the switch. The Concerto™ will quietly do its job without further attention! It’s rechargeable lead acid battery allows approximately 48 hours of convenient portability and will not develop a “memory” as do some other appliance batteries. It’s also adaptable for voltages in Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries.


  • * Power Consumption: 2 watts
  • * Operation Voltage: 9-18 volts DC, 115/230 volts AC 50/60 Hz
  • * Weight: 770 grams
  • * Dimensions: 105mm wide x 140 mm long x 40 mm high
  • * A single Concerto covers a large house or medium size commercial office

MSRP – $649  OUR REDUCED Price – $599 US*

“We installed the Concerto after having lived next to power lines for 3 years, with incredible health issues. BUT, my daughter’s health problems of 5 years DISAPPEARED within a month of having your Concerto. Our fatigue, skin rashes, digestive troubles, etc. all vanished. And I can’t tell you what it’s done for our marriage! No more crabbiness!! So THANK YOU for all you do. It is TRULY A life saver.” – Concerto User Testimonial

“A friend of mine has the two Concerto’s in her large home and loves the results of sleeping better at night and she also noticed that her 3 children seemed less cranky and easier to get along with. So six months ago I purchased a Concerto because I’ve had a lot of headaches and eye stress due to working on the computer all day long. It is truly amazing how peaceful and rested I feel, just after one week! It felt like a “buzz” had been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you Mr. Tainio (RIP) for such a wonderful invention.” Concerto User Testimonial

Some of the many benefits:

    • Increased productivity and concentration
    • A less stressful environment
    • More effective communications
    • Easier, more restful sleep
    • Relief from symptoms of “sick building syndrome”
    • Reduced eye strain and headaches at computer station
    • Relief from symptoms of ADD
    • Music sounding crisper, sharper
    • Increased nutrient uptake in plants
    • Relief from EMF stress in animals/livestock, emotional and physical “DisEase”.

The Symphony EMF Protector by Coherent Resources

The Light Rhythms™ Symphony™ counteracts negative effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by power lines, power stations, cellular phone towers, and satellite transmissions, protecting nature on farms, orchards, timberland, wildlife sanctuaries, backyards and homes.

The Symphony™ will treat approximately 1,000 acres (an approx. 1.5 mile radius) using a tree as a broadcast antenna. Using solar power, there is virtually no cost to run and maintain the unit.

“By exposing a waveform (frequency) to a sustained resonance of order (organization) the Symphony organizes the waveform at its source, causing a realignment of each level of excitation bringing it into sync with its source frequency. This coming-into-phase of each level establishes coherency and better conductivity in the waveform’s performance. Light Rhythms™ technology does not modify the frequency itself; it simply works as a guide to promote order and coherence”. … read more: Crop Services Report: Counteracting EMF Frequency Problems in Crops, Horticulturals & Woodlands (Excellent Article about the Symphony)

MSRP – WAS $4995 OUR REDUCED Price NOW only – $3795 US*

Complete set up instructions by Tainio Vice-President Marc Tainio
Enclosure Type …………………………. Powder Coated Steel
Specified Temperature Range …….. 10°F to 140°F
Voltage Configuration ………………… 12 V DC
Typical Operating Consumption …… .2 Amps DC
Battery Type ……………………………… 55 Amp/Hr AGM

Watch videos and read more about EMF’s (click here EMF NEWS)

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