Here at Sunlightbioelectric, our intention is that you will find quality PRODUCTS and information that  “Make a Difference” for you, our planet and future generations. Whether you live “off grid” or in a city, our goal is to assist in sustainable living reducing our collective carbon ‘footprint’ with the following resources and products:


Welcome to our newest member ~ The Global CBD Store ~ now offering 2 new CBD OilsGlobal CBD uses the stock and stem of organically grown male hemp plants for the raw product. The hemp is then CO2 super critically extracted to organically get the CBD out of the plant. To learn more <click here>


Water Purification solutions: Biotite Now  make your own clean, fresh, pure drinking water that you can TRUST!  With our new Mountain Spring Water Filtration System, and using Biotite Concentrate it always tastes great and you can notice the difference! Check out our research and learn more about structured water.


BTW: Do you have any idea how much goes into making a water bottle that is used maybe once??

Here’s a solution! Biotite Liquid Concentrate is the natural way to eliminate all those nasty germs! You can also stop worrying about the toxins, Read our FAQ page for more info about this amazing mineral.

BiotiteIn addition to all these benefits, it is also very affordable! SAVE MONEY!  One 32 oz. bottle purifies up to 400 gallons of water (depending on the amount of contamination). This comes to about $0.31 per gallon. If you drink half a gallon of water a day, the cost would be $0.16 per day! That 16 cents! How much do you pay for the water you drink every day, and what do you do with all those bottles? Are you drinking “dead” water that has sit around in the heat for who knows how long? Please look at our research and make informed decisions about your drinking water and all the other benefits that Biotite Concentrate offers.

People that use Biotite Concentrate show significant results! (read more) Many have reported that this amazing solution has literally changed their lives! Adding Biotite Liquid Concentrate to water has been found to remove:



Still have questions?  FYI: check out our lab results! Adding Biotite Concentrate to contaminated water has been found to remove: chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, plastics, heavy metals such as lead & pathogens …  just a few drops to a gallon and you will see and taste the difference! Click here for more info.


We’ve been following some reports about harmful EMF’s and started a page with videos and links to very informative sites. EMF Protection from Coherent Resources  ~



Bruce Dale Tainio, was an inventor and a student of energy and quantum physics, which lead him to invent several instruments  which minimize environmental stress from electromagnetic frequencies (The Concerto & Symphony among them). These instruments are now being used in households, businesses, and on farms and factories around the world, and manufactured by Tainio Technology’s sister company, Coherent Resources.

Perhaps you have noticed more information coming in recently about increased EMF EXPOSURE and how it relates to your health. Cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi virtually everywhere… What can you do to protect yourself and especially your children from EMF exposure and the risks inherent in the world we live in today? Introducing The Concerto™ 

“A friend of mine has the two Concerto’s in her large home and loves the results of sleeping better at night and she also noticed that her 3 children seemed less cranky and easier to get along with. So six months ago I purchased a Concerto because I’ve had a lot of headaches and eye stress due to working on the computer all day long. It is truly amazing how peaceful and rested I feel, just after one week! It felt like a “buzz” had been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you Mr. Tainio (RIP) for such a wonderful invention.” Concerto User Testimonial

Some of the many benefits:

    • Increased productivity and concentration
    • A less stressful environment
    • More effective communications
    • Easier, more restful sleep
    • Relief from symptoms of “sick building syndrome”
    • Reduced eye strain and headaches at computer station
    • Relief from symptoms of ADD
    • Music sounding crisper, sharper
    • Increased nutrient uptake in plants
    • Relief from EMF stress in animals/livestock, emotional and physical “DisEase”.

We are also happy to also offer  The Symphony™  (EMF Protectors) Light Rhythms’ Technology by Coherent Resources  

The Light Rhythms™ Symphony™ counteracts negative effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by power

lines, power stations, cellular phone towers, and satellite transmissions, protecting nature on farms, orchards, timberland, wildlife sanctuaries, backyards and homes.

The Symphony™ will treat approximately 1,000 acres (an approx. 1.5 mile radius) using a tree as a broadcast antenna. Using solar power, there is virtually no cost to run and maintain the unit.

“I shared The Light Rhythms™ Symphony™ with my next door neighbors (inadvertently) to help improve my crops and they had better crops too! The benefits exceeded my expectations! Thank you Bruce TainioThe Light Rhythms™ Symphony™  user



Sunlight, Inc. distributors for Natural and Organic Home Garden and Farming (Tainio Technology and Technique) 

MISSION (from Tainio): “Tainio Technology provides natural products and solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment to improve the health of the earth and its inhabitants. Our mission is to teach the world simple, understandable, and reproducible methods which reflect our respect for nature and the environment. Our goal is to be the recognized leader in providing premium quality products, which promote healthy, nutritionally balanced soils, plants, food, and water purification, while striving for the highest standard of integrity and customer service.”


*Read our SBE Newsletter for EMF Awareness (read now)

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