Here at Sunlightbioelectric you will find sustainable, quality PRODUCTS and information that  “Make a Difference” for you, our planet and future generations. Our goal is to assist in reducing our collective carbon ‘footprint’ with the following resources and products:

SBE-filter-2Water Purification solutions: Biotite

Now  make your own clean, fresh, pure drinking water!  You can stop worrying about the toxins, Biotite is the natural way to eliminate all those nasty germs! With our new filtration system, it always tastes great and you can trust it! Check out our research and learn more about structured water.




FYI: check out our lab results! Adding Biotite to water has been found to remove: chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, plastics, heavy metals such as lead & pathogens …  just a few drops to a gallon and you will see and taste the difference! Click here for more info.


EMF Protection from Coherent Resources  ~ picture of students in classroom using computersPerhaps you have noticed more information coming in recently about increased EMF EXPOSURE and how it relates to your health. Cell towers, smart meters, wi-fi virtually everywhere… What can you do to protect yourself and especially your children from EMF exposure and the risks inherent in the world we live in today? Introducing The Concerto™ and The Symphony™  (EMF Protectors) Light Rhythms’ Technology by Coherent Resources  


garden-veggiesSunlight, Inc. distributors for Natural and Organic Home Garden and Farming (Tainio Technology and Technique) 

MISSION (from Tainio): “Tainio Technology provides natural products and solutions for agriculture and the environment to improve the health of the earth and its inhabitants. Our mission is to teach the world simple, understandable, and reproducible methods which reflect our respect for nature and the environment. Our goal is to be the recognized leader in providing premium quality products, which promote healthy, nutritionally balanced soils, plants, food, and water, while striving for the highest standard of integrity and customer service.”


*Read our Newsletter for EMF Awareness 2016 (read now)


NOTE: For reasons beyond our control, SBE is no longer carrying Bedini Tesla battery chargers or charge controllers. We will inform you if/when these chargers become available in the future. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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